About Kintail

My website has had many looks and many homes over the years, as I've had a website since 1996. But after dealing with limited webspace and annoying ads from free webhosts, I decided to finally purchase a spot for my home on the web. And, thus, Kintailscape was born.

The first part of the name for my website comes from a small village in the highlands of Scotland where I long ago was compelled to set some novels I was writing. It became part of my username (Kate of Kintail or simply Kate Kintail) and then part of my website title. The second half of the name came from my fannish website, Kintail: the dreamscape but I like it as it suggests other words like escape.

This version of my website was created on August 27, 2007. A look at other versions can be found here: History of Kintail.

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