My Photos & Videos on Brickshelf (when moderated and completely uploaded)

Where I spent the weekend:


Some MOCs that caught my attention:


Some amazing things I’d never seen before:


Some MOCs that made this fangirl squee or laugh out loud:


Some MOCs I was planning to build but people beat me to it (Darn it!!!):


Random observations:

  1. I found 5 TARDISes this year (fewer than last year)
  2. While the public adores the breathtaking, big MOCs, it’s sometimes the small ones with techniques or elements AFOLs appreciate
  3. 6 wonderful attendees commented on the African Queen MOC with great enthusiasm
  4. Virtually everyone I knew sent me that LEGO ship in a bottle video; it was great to actually see it in person!
  5. My favorite quote of the weekend, from a very young little boy. With happy enthusiasm: “Those are Death Eaters! They eat DEATH!”