I built this for Brickfair 2014. The annual theme was “birds” and someone last year (forgive me!) suggested I make another owlry. My first project of this sort was part of my town of Hogsmeade MOC two years ago and was designed so that the Hogsmeade Post Office resembled a British post office box in style, structure, and appearance. This is a more classic Owlry, closer to the sort you see at Hogwarts in the movies. It’s not supposed to look exactly like the movie version, but it is meant to look closer to what you might see as part of Hogwarts.

I had great fun gathering up all my owls for this project. Of course I added a few fun extras like some rats the owls will soon be eating. And the roof is intentionally kind of crazy.


Owlry10 Owlry6 Owlry9 Owlry8 Owlry5 Owlry2 Owlry3 Owlry4 Owlry7