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BrickFair 2010 MOCs

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Here’s a list of all my MOCs from BrickFair 2010:

List & Photos under here!

Finished MOC: Room of Requirement

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This is a scene from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince where Harry goes to the Room of Requirement (i.e. the lost and found room) to hide his potions textbook. This one was a lot of fun. I got to go through my LEGO and put a lot of random stuff in there. Lots of elements aren’t permanent, so every time I add them in, they are in slightly different locations. Each building/dressing of the room is completely unique 🙂


Finished MOC: Seven Potters


The Seven Potters scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows where Fleur, George, Fred, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny use Polyjuice to appear like Harry so he can escape from Number 4 Privet Drive safely (in theory). This is the Dursley’s kitchen, just after transformation. I thought this would be fun to do because I have so many Harry Potter sets and, therefore, so many Harry Potter minifigs.


Harry Potter MOCs

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I am working on 3 MOCs for sure for BrickFair 2010:

  • Book 5- Christmas at Grimmauld Place- haven’t started it yet but hope to this week
  • Book 6- Room of Requirement aka the Lost & Found Room- in progress; hope to finish it tonight
  • Book 7- Seven Potters- almost finished; just waiting on a BrickLink order with a few more brown bricks for the top of the walls, an oven, and a television

I was thinking how much fun it would be to do one scene from each book, but nothing from the first four books is really jumping out at me as a “must do” right now. I thought at one point it would be fun to do the scene from POA where Lupin turns into a werewolf and Pettigrew escapes.

I’ll have to give this more thought. I have an idea for something in Book 1 right now as well. But I also really want to try and build a lighthouse. So… I might leave it at the three scenes above for now and pick the idea up later if time permits. The problem is that I’ll be away for almost 2 weeks in the middle of July. Then I’ll have a little over a week to get everything together and go to BrickFair! So I’ve got to get going on my building now. I’ve done the three small, easy ones first.

Finished MOC: Snape’s Worst Memory

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It’s technically not completely finished. I’m still waiting on two tiny parts in the mail. But I used replacement parts for this scene in their places for now.

My MOC-Card:
This scene is from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Chapter 28) in which Harry looks into Professor Snape’s pensive and sees his father and Snape as fifth year students at Hogwarts. As the title implies, Snape doesn’t remember the incident fondly. He winds up upside-down.

Finished Snape’s Worst Memory- SPOILER

Third Batch of Photos

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More in-progress photos. Containing spoilers! 🙂

Progress as of 8/12/09: Photos under here- SPOILERS