My Alter

An alter is a sacred spot you can set aside specifically for yourself and your religion. It can be a shelf, or a stone, or anything you'd like. On it, you may place things special or sacred to you that help you honor your particular belief. Typically, a section on the left is for the Lady, and a section on the right for the Lord, and in the middle you have everything in common.

My first alter, and one that has changed over time. It is simply two cardboard boxes with a towel draped over them. Follow the numbers on the picture to see what each item is.

  1. The Lady's Candle- a green candle on an iron, twisted holder
  2. Shells- shells I have collected since I was a young child which circle the Lady's candle
  3. The Lord's Candle- a red candle on a gold-colored holder with leaves and berries on it
  4. Rocks, Feathers, etc- these small rocks, feathers, pinecones, and a small squirrel carving circle the Lord's candle
  5. Devination Stones- one white and one dark stone in a small bag I sewed myself, used in devination before spells
  6. Tarot Cards- two of my tarot decks: Tarot of the Witches and the Ancestral Path Tarot
  7. White Candle- a candle I have used during tarot readings far before I became a seeker
  8. Necklace- a necklace of a heart carved out of stone; I bought it at the place I volunteer to raise money and have it on my alter to remind me of my pledge to always help others
  9. Willow Green Man- a green man is the general name for the effigy of a human head surrounded by foliage first appearing in the Celtic lands 5th century B.C. This one is of the willow, as that is the tree I have grown close to.
  10. The Elements- In 4 small, distinctly different glass cups are the 4 elements, in their place. Salt for Earth, Lavender scents for the Air, Tea Candle for Fire, and Water for Water, all on a circular doily.
  11. Offering Cup- a former brandy glass in which I place small items. There are quartz rocks, driftwood, rose petals from my graduation rose, what remains of my Peace bracelet, etc.
  12. Book of Shadows- my book of spells
  13. Flower- a dried flower from my front yard garden
  14. Sun Candle- placed near the Lord's side, this candle is in a small blue cube with renditions of the sun of 4 faces. It was given to me by my best friend and placed there to balance with the other white candle.
  15. Willow Photos- photos of the willow tree I sit by at a local pond
  16. Picture of the Lady- a picture that is very much how I picture the Lady- soft, gentle, surrounded by waves of stars
  17. Pentagram- a pentagram made of string
  18. Wiccan Rede- the Wiccan's Rede for reminder and inspiration
  19. 13 Goals of a Witch- 13 common goals of a witch, for reminder
  20. Song- I change this song periodically, depending on my mood. The current one is 'The Christians and the Pagans' by Dar Williams which sports the beautiful lines "You find magik in your God/And we find magik everywhere"