The Moon : The Lady

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New Moon A few hours before the full moon begin to rid yourself of negitivity. A few hours after it, do works of positivity.
Waxing Moon Call upon the Goddess(Maiden figure) and begin new projects towards your goals.
Full Moon Worship the Goddess(Mother figure) and do positive works.
Waning Moon Call upon the Goddess(Crone figure) and do work to rid yourself of negativity.

January Wolf Moon Ritual to hold and protect your home and those you love.
February Storm Moon Ritual to call upon the Old Ones for help on your path toward the future.
March Chaste Moon Ritual to help attune fate toward your wishes and desires.
April Seed Moon Ritual to physically 'plant your seeds' of these wishes and desires in the earth.
May Hare Moon Ritual to reaffirm and stay in tune with your goals.
June Dyad Moon Ritual to balance your desires of the spiritual and physical worlds.
July Mead Moon Ritual to help determine the path your life will take once you have met your goals.
August Wort Moon Ritual to preserve and honor what you already have in life.
September Barley Moon Ritual of giving thanks to all that you have been given.
October Blood Moon Ritual to remember and give an offer to all who have moved on from this world.
November Snow Moon Ritual of cleansing yourself and breaking from negative thoughts and emotions.
December Oak Moon Ritual to form and holdfast to your convictions.