Chicago- Day 1

I’m in Chicago for the AWP Annual Conference & Bookfair. Had a long day of traveling, but made it to the Hilton Chicago in the afternoon, just in time to drop bags in order to go on a tour of the Conference Headquarters.

The signage with our new logo looks fantastic :-) I love rolling into a city and taking it over with literary excitement.

Here are the views from the hotel:

The flat area on the middle right side of the right photo, surrounded by a tilting kind of fence and orange lights… that’s the helicopter pad used in ER! It’s not on top of the hospital… it’s on top of our hotel!

After the tour, we went out for a staff dinner. I got pie. Man I miss Supernatural already. This is for you, Dean:

And after we ate, we headed outside to find a zamboni cleaning the ice skating rink in the park. Awww :-)

Now I’m relaxing and looking forward to reading and turning in early. I’d really like to go snarfing tomorrow morning, but I don’t think it’s in my stars. I will, however, probably eat breakfast and then go to the grocery store for some food/snacks to eat throughout the week, especially the days when we won’t have lunch breaks.