Florida trip photos- at long last!

This just in from my lunch break… I’ve finally got my photos from my trip to Florida organized and online! There are a few problems with them, and I apologize for that in advance. The first problem is that at least one photo is in the wrong place (I spotted one, so there might very well be others). Another problem is that some of the photos didn’t get re-sized and are still ginormous. Sorry about that. Sometimes I keep nice photos in their original sizes so I can print them at good resolutions later, and I just forgot to change the settings this time around. I’ll try to run the Photoshop scripts again tonight and fix those but that will take hours and hours, and I just want to get these posted before I leave for my next trip… in fewer than 3 days! Oh, there are also no links back to the main menu from the gallery pages. I’ll fix that when I get home from work as well.

So, at long last, here are my Florida/Infinitus trip photos, divided by category, not date: Infinitus Trip Photos. On the last page of most of the categories there are some links to videos I took as well.

Also, my camera sucks and my camera skills are even worse. And I took out most of my snarfs, because seeing hundreds of plaques and state marker signs would be boring as heck for you. I included a few as representatives, though.