Off to Boston

I leave for Boston in a few hours. I’ll be taking the train there & back. I’m looking forward to attending my first “big” BookCrossing gathering: the BookCrossing UnConvention. I’ll be representing BCinDC there and doing a little presentation on Saturday morning to invite BookCrossers to our 2011 Convention.

Convention activities include games, four meals, info sessions, a tour of the historic Boston Public Library, a reverse scavenger hunt, and Shakespeare in the Park (Othello).

I’ll be arriving early so I can go on the early bird trip to Salem. I’m really excited about seeing the museums and history there. And I’m leaving late on Sunday (taking a red eye train) so I’ll have time to do some snarfing. I snarfed a ton last year on my trip to Boston, and I haven’t done any preparation. So it’ll be interesting to see if I can find some things that I haven’t seen yet. Given the history in the area, I’m betting I’ll be able to.

I don’t know how often I’ll be able to post because the place I’m staying doesn’t have internet. But there are coffee shops in the area, so I might be able to post a few times.